If your ex is living with someone? It could change your alimony math.

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Under current Connecticut law, alimony payers may try to modify payments if the recipient is cohabiting, but proving it is a nearly impossible standard. The statute for reducing or ending alimony upon a showing of cohabitation, requires the payer to prove that the couple lives together, and that there is a financially supportive relationship between them.

Consult your attorney

If there is proof the couple has been cohabiting for at least 90 days, the attorney handling your file will have to petition the courts for the request to change your alimony judgement. However, you are responsible for providing the evidence needed to make your case. That's where our certified, bonded and insured private investigators come into play.

What to expect from a cohabitation investigation

Once we assign a private investigator to your case, they will conduct a surveillance for a period of four to six days. We attempt to obtain video of the third party's vehicle in your ex-spouse's driveway at night, late enough to determine that they will most likely be spending the night. We then videotape their vehicle early the following morning, showing that they will be waking up there as well. Our detectives will continue surveillance during that morning to attempt to obtain video of the third party departing from the residence in that vehicle, proving that the vehicle was not just parked at that address. Our private investigators will then check the license plate of that vehicle to determine if it is registered at your ex-spouse's residence, check incoming mail to see if the third party is receiving mail at that address, and run a utility bills search to determine if the third party has any utilities in their name at your ex-spouse's residence.

Winning Your Cohabitation Case

You will only have one attempt in court to prove your case, so obtaining the right evidence during the initial investigation is crucial. If you fail to prove your case because you did not obtain enough evidence, your credibility is called into question, and your chances of the judge ruling in your favor become smaller. Why risk losing? Hiring a private investigator from Ranno's Investigative Services, with cohabitation knowledge and experience, will guarantee you'll win your case.

If you've already gathered information or evidence, your cohabitation investigation may only take a week . If not, it could take up to to ninety days, during which time we must prove that the cohabitator has been living at your ex-spouse's residence for a period of at least three months. The amount you may spend your cohabitation investigation will be small compared to the savings of your adjusted alimony payment.