Do you need a GPS Tracker for personal or business?

Why renting one is better than buying one - Ranno Investigative Services

Whether you realize it or not, you can't just "purchase" a GPS tracker without leaving a trace that you bought the unit. All GPS units have to be registered and a credit card provided for billing and identification purposes with the company that owns the server and provides the service.

Also, not all GPS Tracking Systems are the same. While many GPS trackers may look the same and some may even cost less than others, they don't always work the same way. When you purchase your own unit and register it for use, the monthly monitoring service that you pay for, which your tracker is specifically programmed to work with, may not provide you multiple methods for determining and reporting tracking location data.

Any GPS TRACKER will attempt to obtain a GPS reading from at least three orbiting GPS satellites. If successful, the tracker will transmit that information to a computer server, which will display it on an online web-based portal with mapping software. However, should the tracking device be located in a building, parking structure or perhaps under metal where it does not "see the sky", it may be unable to determine its current location.

This information will be unknown to you until you purchase the unit, register it and use it for the first time. Once you do that, it will not be able to be returned and you will lose your money.


About our GPS Trackers:

Serving Hartford County, Middlesex County & Fairfield County.

At Ranno Investigative Services, our rental GPS TRACKING DEVICES, don't just provide GPS Tracking. Our Rental GPS Systems provides that total of three methods for determining and reporting tracking location data. The server company we are contracting and paying for provides you with the most updated and accurate information the industry offers.

Our GPS Tracking System provides also location data using both the GPS along with cellular technology, which we have programmed to provide for cell tower triangulation or Advanced Forward Link Triangulation (AFLT). While it is usually necessary to connect with three cell towers for the most accurate cellular location data, should this not be possible, location data at that moment will be provided from the nearest cell, which we have programmed as our third method of reporting location data. This way you are ensured that you are getting the most accurate reporting.

Ranno Investigative Service's Rental GPS Tracking software requires no installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPAD. We provide you a direct link to your GPS Tracker and once clicked, it will bring you directly to where your device is currently. It also stores all information so you can go back days or weeks if needed to see where the vehicle was then and now.

Ranno Investigative Services is an unique company with deep roots in the executive protection, surveillance and investigation fields. Our company is staffed with both licensed and trained private investigators. We are proud of the fact that we provide the highest quality tracking devices, the industry offers at reasonable rates, in addition to our state-of-the-art online web-based tracking system. But equally important, our real world experience provides unique perspectives on how you, our client, can best use the trackers to accomplish your goals, legally.

The best part is, once you've accomplished your goal or have obtained your evidence, you can just return the unit to us with no trace that you had ever rented it.