Serving all of Connecticut including, Hartford County, Middlesex County & Fairfield County

RC Ranno Investigative Services

Nothing destroys a relationship faster than an affair or breach of trust. Ranno Investigative Services understands the sensitive nature of marital and domestic investigations. Our staff is experienced and receptive to our client's needs. Ranno Investigative Services has successfully conducted thousands of domestic relations investigations and is well-versed in the demands of the task. We also understand that each case is unique. You our your client may have suspicions or specific objectives depending on the situation and many pending decisions rest on the discovery of the suspected activities or the investigation results.

Our staff will diligently uncover all facts and deliver them with all obtained, undeniable evidence in the form of photographs, video footage and a detailed Investigative Report. Ranno Investigative Services recognizes the vital importance of clear communication of the facts and details of your case during the investigation. Our clients have direct communication with our field agents while on the case to ensure proper coordination and strategy during the investigation. Ranno Investigative Service's rates and retainer fees are reasonable and clients are always informed of case progress and time invested on a case for budget management. Ranno Investigative Services does not assign trainees or interns to your case. As such, investigations are conducted by licensed experts, ensuring your objectives are met effectively and affordably.

Pre-Divorce Evidence: Our investigators are qualified to present material evidence gathered during an investigation (wastefulness or concealment of marital assets, secondary source of income or drug use) that may aid in leveraging you or your client's divorce proceedings, division of assets, support obligations or child custody case.

We offer the following services:

  • Video Surveillance/Photographs
  • Night Vision (Infrared Surveillance Equipment)
  • Real Time GPS Tracking of Vehicles (Sales or Rentals & Tracking)
  • Identify Other Party (Name, Current Residence & Contact Numbers)
  • Background Check of Other Party (Criminal History, Work History, Address History)
  • Confront Other Party (Deliver Evidence Upon Completion of Investigation)
  • Computer Evaluation for Evidence (Full Comprehensive Searches)
  • Covert Video Equipment Recording (Enter Restaurants and Public Locations to Videotape Spouse and Other Party Together)
  • Spy Equipment for In-Home Surveillance (While Away)