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As an attorney or insurance adjuster, you are notified or hired of an injury by your client or claimant. During that process, the exact form of injury, whether an automobile accident or personal injury claim, needs to immediately be documented as a visual demonstration for court or for the opposing side will dramatically effect the negotiations of your client or claimant's claim. Ranno Investigative Services, LLC can handle that process for you. Our investigators first receive all pertinent information regarding the incident or accident. Our Connecticut Private Investigators then arrive at the location of the incident or accident and obtain photographs depicting the circumstances surrounding the accident or incident:


Photographs of the damaged vehicle whether still at the scene or at the claimant's or client's residence or at an impound or auto garage location. The photographs are taken to depict the damage to the vehicle, the angle of impact, whether or not the windshield was broken or the airbags were deployed and any blood your client left behind as a result of the accident. These photographs will dramatically effect the visual appearance of your case if needed for court proceedings.


Upon arrival at the location of the accident scene or incident location, Ranno Investigative Services, LLC Investigators first begin to sketch the general location. First determining exactly what had happened using the witness statements taken by our Connecticut Private Investigators or using the incident or accident reports provided. Once determined, our investigators then begin to take measurements of the entire scene. Upon completion of the measurements and rough sketch of the location, Ranno Investigative Services, LLC investigators begin the diagram process. All information obtained while present at the scene is entered into the diagram program and adjusted to match the location of the accident or incident. This diagram process allow you to present your case to a judge or jury or even the opposing side to show the way that the incident or accident occurred. Upon review of the diagram along with the photographs you will be able to properly present your case. For more information on our diagram or photographing process, please feel free to contact one of our investigators today.