I have to say that Mr Ranno was the best nicest extrodinary person that I could ever imagine....I had a problem and called Mr. Ranno and he agreed to meet with me despite the circumstances.What an upstanding individual!!!!!Thank you a million times over!!!!!


I contacted Investigator Ranno when I suspected that my wife may have been having an affair. Investigator Ranno of Ranno Investigative Services was very willing to listen. He established a plan of action and went to work. Within a week, I had clear and convincing video of my wife with another male who will remain unnamed. The report and evidence provided by Ranno Investigative Services helped me immensely in court with my divorce and with the custody of my children. I would highly recommend Investigator Ranno and Ranno Investigative Services to everyone that may need a private investigator.

Jonathan - Domestic Client

Greenwich, CT

There's no other investigator I would rather have on the case.

Dan- Insurance Defense Client

Torrington, CT

Ranno Investigative Services essentially took a case that I thought was going to be difficult to pursue on liability, and turned it around by finding strong evidence of the defects within the particular premises at issue that caused my client permanent injury. They documented their findings with quality photographs and created a well written, organized report. I wouldn't hesitate to use Ranno Investigative Services in the future. Quality service all around

Nancy - Personal Injury Attorney

Cromwell, CT

Mr. Ranno provided invaluable information through video analysis for a CHRO matter. His diligence and clear conclusion carried weight in the Fact Finding process. His work is thorough and highly respected. You can have confidence in his work and reports.

Mrs. Harding- Domestic Client

Bristol, CT

Investigator Ranno is a true professional. He is responsive, reliable, kind and helpful every step of the way. I thought my personal space had been compromised and he came right out and helped put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Investigator Ranno to handle your investigative needs. 5 star service


Charlestown, RI

Investigator Ranno. I must tell you that my attorney and I were greatly impressed with your report about the videos I sent to you.


Bristol, CT

Detective Ranno was able to locate our former employee who breached our employment contract. After a thorough surveillance the company received timely updates of all court appearances, video footage, and documentation needed to pursue reimbursement of the company's loss. Detective Ranno also came to our office to conduct an interview of a witness for our court proceeding that Detective Ranno attended on the comany's behalf. Detective Ranno exceeded our expectations and we would have not been able to recover the company's losses without his services.

Jack - Human Resources Director - Home Health Case Services Industry

Hartford, CT

Mr. Ranno's work on this file was invaluable. I suspect that we would not have prevailed in the absence of his excellent surveillance work.

Mike - Domestic Client

Wallingford, CT

Ray did an amazing job. I was in a panic when I called him, because I thought my wife was cheating on me. He knew I couldn't wait even another day, and got right on it. Thank you so much Ray!

Tom - Domestic Client

Middletown, CT

Raymond Ranno is far and away the best investigator I have encountered in my twenty year career of defending personal injury and Workers' Compensation claims. Mr. Ranno was thorough, well prepared, and acted at all times with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Tom - Insurance Defense Attorney

Seymour, CT

Investigator Ranno was a professional from the first start of our conversation. He was excellent with details in order to be sure that the service I needed was an exact match. He accomplished everything he offered. He contracts in great detail, and THEN HE PROVIDED MORE!!! You can be assured that your needs will be met, especially as you may already be under stress and need a person who can be detached and yet truly get the job done. He is awesome. Professional, kind, knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Email me if you wish more detail at sonlight@mail.com

Alison - Sonlight Trustee